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Baby (6 months+)


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Health and Wellness

Equazen Baby twist caps are a proactive way of providing EFA supplementation to your baby to help support healthy development of brain and eye function.

It’s important to consider Equazen Baby because:

  • Brain growth

The brain grows rapidly during the first 2 years of life where it becomes nearly 80% the size of the adult brain.

  • The brain needs EFAs

Approximately 60% of the brains’ weight consists of fats, of which about 30% are polyunsaturated fatty acids (such as EFAs)

  • Supports structural development of brain

DHA, an EFA, is important for structural development of the brain and peripheral nervous system.

Equazen Baby: Key Ingredients

Omega-3 and Omega 6 are essential fatty acids that are vital for good health. Since your body is unable to produce some of these essential fatty acids, they must be obtained through your diet.4 Equazen contains proven ingredients to help support the development of cognitive functions in babies. EPA, DHA and GLA all play an important role in brain development.

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Age Groups:
6 months+

My son(3years Old) and Niece(7years Old) Everyone was looking forward to trying it, and they did it with ease, at first the taste of it was a bit of a problem, but after a few sips of it everyone really didn't worry about the tast any longer, my son's concentration has been at its best he isn't in creche yet but I home school him for the time being and I must say I'm impressed with his performance after drinking Equazen and with my niece she is serving flying colors at school I'm so proud. Equazen has really given them the boost they need to keep them smart and be able to concentrate I strongly recommend Equazen to any Mom out there please you will be raising a smart champion if your child drinks it ❤

Posted 1 year ago

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I love how easy dissolved they are,which makes it easy for me to feed with baby liquids.They helped me a lot with my babies appetite as she didn’t like eating and I’m definitely sticking to them.Best baby supplement capsules

Posted 1 year ago

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Easy to use capsules for little ones under 3 years giving added omegas for little one's development and brain growth. Have only started using the product for a few weeks now so looking forward to seeing the full extent of the product as we keep using it and eventually will move onto the next product once he has turned 3. The smell is slightly unpleasant however with all that goodness in such a small amount, it is easily masked and ingested by adding to daily vitamin syrup, juice or milk.

Posted 1 year ago

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