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Lou Harvey

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For more than a decade, the Lou Harvey brand has become synonymous with high quality, unique design and vibrant colours.

Recent Review



The best bag ever! Reused it for second baby and still looks new.



I received a couple of nappy bags for my baby shower, but the Lou Harvey one I received was so striking!! I still use it to this day as my toddlers swimming bag (stocked for his lessons with swimming nappies, towel, snacks and a change of clothes). The waterproof exterior makes it perfect for this purpose!



This bag was one of our best buys, love the vibrant colours, lots of space and so easy to clean.



We love all our Lou harvey bags. Our Diaper bag is versatile, stylish and spacious. It’s worth every cent. They are durable and long lasting.



Great as a nappy bag and a weekender bag once baby grows up. Had mine for 5 years, only complaint is that the zip broke last year but it had a brilliant run.


Stacey kim

I own quite a few Lou Harvey bags and I can day the overall craftsmanship, attention to detail and durability if each bag is amazing. It's versatile and so feminine. Highly recommended brand not only for baby but also a night out



I have been the biggest fan of Lou Harvey for ages now! As a teacher there is no bag better to carry your books and becoming a mama there is no other brand I would trust as my nappy bag



Really love my lou harvey diaper bag. Great quality and they come in so many trendy prints. Have mine for over 5years and still in great shape.



Such a fun, trendy bag available in a variety of prints for girls, boys and unisex. It has lots of pouches making organisation for a day out a breeze. Two bottle pouches on the sides for easy storage and access to bottles. Small zip pouch on the inside for securing smaller objects such as keys. One big compartment for nappies, clothes, wipes etc. A smaller outside compartment comes in handy for the moms belongings such as phone,, wallet and sunnies. The changing mat it comes with makes changing nappies anywhere a breeze. The waterproof outer fabric makes it easy to wipe down and kep clean.



Absolutely love this diaper bag. Trendy, as well as versatile. Plenty space for everything baby and mum need. The side pouches are excellent for a flask and bottle. The smaller compartments inside make it easy to store nappies, wet wipes, extra clothes, food. The best part is it is completely water proof and the outer material makes it impossible to get dirty. I would highly recommend this bag to all mums.

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