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Huggies Nappy Pants are an innovative alternative to open nappies and are designed to fit your baby from the moment he/she starts to wriggle and move around until he/she no longer needs nappies. They are as absorbent as your regular nappy, but are uniquely designed to fit like underwear, giving babies the freedom to wriggle, crawl, climb and roll around more easily, which enables them to go exploring to their hearts' content. 

Age Groups:
6-9 Months
9-12 Months
2-3 years

Recent Review



I tried it out thinking it would be a a more affordable option turns out not lol, I used almost 7diapers for the day compared to my 4 I use with normal buggies gold.and it's such a mission when they poop I hate it doesn't hold much liquid either



Not a fan at all of pants. While they have easy tear sides it’s still messy with number twos. Also Huggies pants don’t have a ‘sticker’ to roll into and hold when disposing so you end up using a disposable bag to throw each nappy away to hold it together.



For the first year of my daughter's life, we were sold on only using Pampers but later started realizing the leakages, and how much they left an odor. And then we tried Huggies and never looked back! 😁



Currently using these and they leak. Huggies should bring back that range for boys or girls. For my baby boy it's a no no anymore.



Huggies is the best brand I ever bought and will be using it for my little one on the way ❤️

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