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Huggies Nappy Pants are an innovative alternative to open nappies and are designed to fit your baby from the moment he/she starts to wriggle and move around until he/she no longer needs nappies. They are as absorbent as your regular nappy, but are uniquely designed to fit like underwear, giving babies the freedom to wriggle, crawl, climb and roll around more easily, which enables them to go exploring to their hearts' content. 

Age Groups:
6-9 Months
9-12 Months
2-3 years

Recent Review



These are the best, they don't leak, they are easy to use when potty training. My son already knows how to put them on himself. I have been only using these since he was 11 months old and standing.



I love Huggies pants,so easy to use.you don't have to wrestle with your baby to put it on,easy to take off.lasts longer than 8 hours and not leakage or spillage.



The pants are more absorbent than the nappies. Only problem is it breaks rather easy at the sides when pulling up. But other than that it is really the best pants all around


Axolisiwe Faith

I've used these once or maube twice, but they would leak all the time.



Huggies pants used to be the best when they had a boys and girls range separately.. The unisex is just not working for me. They leak and don't last, nevermind the price sky rocketed with the change.

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