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My first nappy


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Huggies My First Nappy has fastened anywhere tabs to help provide a perfect fit and a wetness indicator to show when it's time to change, allowing you to relax and cherish the new world of firsts with your baby. Huggies My First Nappy also has a special runny poo pocket at the back of the nappy, to help prevent little accidents. The umbilical cord cut-out allows you to care for this sensitive area and our soft absorb liner absorbs runny poo in seconds. Up to 4kgs.

Age Groups:
0-3 Months

Recent Review



I am definitely sold on these. I will be buying them at the Durban baby expo in preparation for when my little bundle of joyarrives. The wet indicator and umbilical cord cut out are exactly what I need as a first time mummy.



Huggies Gold keeps baba dryer for longer than the other brands. Hardly leaks, will definitely be using them when my baby arrives in October.



For a first time parent this is fantastic. The line that indicates when you need to change the nappy was our saving grace.



The best fit for a newborn. Was given a pack in our hospital bag and ended up only using these until my son reached 4kg. Extremely cute looking as well.



Definitely the best new born diapers by far!! Wouldn't try anything else.

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