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Sensitive Moisture Fragrance Free Lotion

Baby Dove

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Give your baby’s delicate skin the care it needs with our hypoallergenic, fragrance-free baby lotion for sensitive skin.

Age Groups:
0-3 Months

Your baby’s skin tends to loose more moisture during bath time, Dove’s sensitive moisture fragrance free lotion locks in the moister after giving my little one a bath, it leaves him feeling moisturized and soft. I love that it doesn’t have any fragrances which guarantees no skin irritations. I truly love this product

Posted 2 weeks ago

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I have been using Dove baby lotion on my son for more than a year and honestly it's great for baby's delicate skin. It's soft & creamy texture and even though it's fragrance free it still has a pleasant smell. The lotion absorbs fast without leaving a sticky residue. It hydrates dry skin fast leaving skin moisturised, soft & smooth.

Posted 2 months ago

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