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SnuggleRoo Baby Carrier is the first soft nurturing baby carrier that is easy to use, comfortable to wear and fully adjustable for the perfect fit every time. Hugging baby close to you in a soft fabric carrier is the most comfortable way to wear your baby and the best quality time you can spend with your baby. It recreates the tight hug of the womb through the calm sense of safety and security it creates.

Age Groups:
0-3 Months
3-6 Months
6-9 Months
9-12 Months

Baby wearing offers many benefits, for us it was assisting my son with his colic. It's an easy to use carrier that is idle for keeping your little one cozily snuggled to you as you go about your day. I could maintain my chores as well as study, all while bonding with my baby.

Posted 5 months ago

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We have quite a big baby and carrying him around in my arms eventually got tiring. This product was so handy when I needed to get a few chores done like hang up washing or prep dinner or just to get my little one to relax and fall asleep. It also helped with my PPD as it help me feel that my child was safe with me. The fabric is really soft and comfortable, it's also really easy to wash!

Posted 7 months ago

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I had mine a while before I actually used it and only because I was intimidated by how it worked, I’m so used to the old school baby carrier with the belts and clips and buckles lol but let me just say once I actually figured out how to wear it probably I use it every single day. My baby is now 7 months and weighs 11kgs .... when baby is placed in it I can nearly feel pressure on my back, you have to watch the many video tutorials on how to place baby to make sure you experience how effective it really is. My carrier is gray does not cut into my shoulders, can be stored in its carrier bag which also forms part of the actual carrier, which I found to be pretty cool ...overall I’m super happy with this product

Posted 9 months ago

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