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Manual breast pump

Tommee Tippee

Based on 8 reviews


Natural feel expressing with massaging ripples, designed to mimic your baby's natural feeding action.

  • Unique, soft silicone cup is comfortable and fits all breast sizes as well as being quiet and discreet
  • Compact and lightweight, ideal for travelling or occasional expressing
  • Only three parts to assemble and super easy to clean
  • Comes complete with 1 x Closer to Nature 150ml bottle, 1 x milk storage pot, 6 x disposable breast pads and 1 x microwave steriliser box

Age Groups:
0-3 Months

Generally these things are expensive. For first time moms wanting to express milk I would recommend saving up for an electric pump. This pump is very time consuming, leaks most of the time & suction is weak. If you a mom on the go, working mom or just dont have the time to or patients for manual pump please do yourself a fav and "SAVE NOW".

Posted 3 months ago

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For mommies who cannot afford the automatic breast pump, this is a good alternative option, however from my experience it was difficult to use because more milk would leak out than go into the bottle - which lead to my frustration. I would have to lean forward whilst expressing to ensure the milk ran into the bottle. It is also very time consuming and does not seem to express as well as the automatic option, but it is a really nice product to have in the beginning, but if someone had to ask me for my opinion on getting a manual - I would suggest the automatic breast pump from Tommee Tippee from the beginning.

Posted 4 months ago

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Hi mommies the Tommie Tippe manual pump is the best value for money full equipped with storage bags,containers, microwave safety sterilized container and 100 breast pad for those of us that drip because of full milk.... I have used it before and certainly will after my second pregnancy...... But what I loved about the pump easy to use 😍😍😍

Posted 6 months ago

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This is the worst pump that I've used, there's hardly any suction which leads to spending a good few minutes of trying to make it work before one only gets a few drops out. So disappointed, you'll need to sit for a great amount of time before you see any milk coming out

Posted 7 months ago

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