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Stage 1

Ubuntu Baba

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Simple. Breathable. Comfortable. Designed to help you meet the needs of your newborn baby quickly and easily.

Age Groups:
0-3 Months
3-6 Months
6-9 Months
9-12 Months

Personally by the pictures & friends recommendations, it looks very helpful and comfortable, im definitely getting one for my baby. I have a 2 month old boy who doesn't not want to be layed down which makes it so much more difficult to get things done. This will be helpful in so many ways.

Posted 5 months ago

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Started using stage 1 carrier when my daughter was 3 months old, very comfortable and safe,the baby's body is so intact, no need to worry about your little one's neck getting tired, perfect for our afternoon walks, the best carrier so far, getting stage 2 soon

Posted 5 months ago

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The Ubuntu Baba Stage 1 Carrier has truly been an amazing lifesaver! It soothes baby when they feeling fussy or need to be close to mom and you have your hands free to carry on with tasks around the house or out and abou. It's super comfy to wear and very easy to put on. It is amazing that it states it comes with special sleepy dust...it really does work, a few minutes in there and baby is totally relaxed and falls asleep quickly. I absolutely love the Ubuntu Baba Carrier and would recommend it to every expecting or new mom!!

Posted 7 months ago

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