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Squish 100% fruit and vegetable purees and pressed juices are filled with quality ingredients in convenient packaging, making it easy to take the goodness with you wherever you and your little one go.Squish is specially formulated for little people 6 months and older by a highly trained team with expertise in infant food. You can always trust Squish to put your little one first. Squish purees and juice contains 100% fruit and 100% vegetables. We say no to preservatives, no to flavourings and no to colourants. What’s more, we’ve made 100% sure that our purees don’t contain any added starch and our juice is gently pressed to capture the full fruity flavours. Our 100% fruit and vegetable puree pouches are just the right portion size and they easily fit into a handbag, backpack, picnic basket or nappy bag – perfect for healthy snacking when you’re on the go. The pouch is resealable, which means less waste and less mess. And the bright green tamper-proof and anti-choking cap means you have one less thing to worry about.

Age Groups:
6-9 Months
9-12 Months
2-3 years

Of all the purees out on our local shelves, Rhodes Squish is the Best Tasting. The ingredients are amazingly little (meaning there's very little added this and that's). I've compared the ingredients to another well known puree brand and for myself and my kid, do not approve, and this other brand does not measure well on the flavour scale either. I compare them because they fall within the same price range (budget range). I prefer my food organic, self grown, self made etc but life does not allow for these ideals. Rhodes is a tasty, trusted help and I find myself sucking on a tube now and again too! I don't mind that it must be eaten within a day of opening, if baby boy doesn't finish it, I do. Packaging is great and durable. The tops were great to collect and play with (creating a general noise-maker by putting it in an empty container, teaching colours, using it as wheels, and it was big enough for me not to worry that he'd choke on it). Great flavour combos. Whoever the "chef" is knows kids. (and moms)

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