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Preemie Protection


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Designed for babies <1800g. The nappy has a contour fit core, all-over fastening, and all-around absorbency.

Recent Review



No other diaper comes close to the Preemie Pampers product...user friendly and super easy and comfortable on baby



I had seen these nappies on overseas advertisements but never in SA. this is the first time I see it on a South African platform. I too had to go with a different brand when I had my Preemie and was really disappointed that Pampers didn't cater for us. Glad to see that it has changed and I will definitely be checking on the shelves.



The pampers preemie protection is amazing it really helped my baby a lot and fits perfectly



My twins were born prem and we could never find these anywhere in JHb, even online. Had to go with another brand that were great and readily available



I’m a bit disappointed ☹️ Pampers was always my preferred choice until I had my preemie. We searched for pampers preemies and no stores in kzn had them so we opted for another brand.



we were lucky enough to be gifted these by Pampers. my little boy was born at 31weeks. these really made it easy for us as all the other diapers were hugees. we did use the even tinier preemi

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