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Natural Face Stick


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The Oh-Lief SPF30 sunscreen face stick is easy to apply and fits neatly in beach bags or handbags. The uniquely beneficial formulation includes beeswax, coconut oil, pomegranate and carrot extracts. The broad-spectrum sunblock is made using non-nano zinc oxide, a natural soft mineral that sits on the skin without sinking in. That means the Oh-Lief sunscreen creates a physical “sun-blocking” barrier, protecting your skin without absorbing into your bloodstream. This fragrance-free, water resistant SPF30 sunblock is ideal for use all over your body, especially the face. It provides UVA & UVB (broad spectrum) protection, is water resistant for up to 40 minutes.

Age Groups:
2-3 years
4-5 years
6-7 years
8+ years

Yay!!! Finally a sun stick for babies! We love the Oh lief brand and use all their products since birth. I can rest assured that my baby is protected from the sun. It's small enough to fit in the nappy bag with causing a mess and easy enough to apply on gentle, soft baby skin. It is on the lightly higher price when comparing quantity vs other products but I know I'm putting all natural products on my LOs delicate skin. It also doesn't leave the oily feeling and absorbs quite nicely.

Posted 11 months ago

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