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Tie Baby Wrap Carrier

Noonoo Pie

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The Noonoo Pie Tie is a baby wrap carrier which is made of a long piece of soft, comfortable fabric. It has the perfect blend of 95% cotton and just a little added lycra for stretch so that you can enjoy all the benefits that natural cotton fibres provide, along with added flexibility and support.

Age Groups:
0-3 Months
3-6 Months
6-9 Months
9-12 Months

Recent Review



The Noonoo pie wrap has been instrumental in keeping my sanity during the first few weeks with my daughter. In the beginning I felt like I could not go anywhere or do anything without baby crying for me. Since I started carrying my daughter in the wrap, she was more calm. She fell asleep so quickly to the tune of my heartbeat with me carrying her so close. I love that the product is cotton, in other words breathable which is always great. The wrap freed up my hands to cook and do other things around the house. It is easy to use with a simple instructional video on Facebook. I have nothing but love for this product.



This wrap is beyond awesome my friend has it, it so soft, comfortable and easy to use. I love it because it is 100% cotton. Will be buying my one soon.



This product is hands down the best EVER! First time I saw it was when my sister had her daughter a year ago - the minute I found out I was pregnant I went out and got one. It is so much lighter and less strain on your back, the most painful thing with my son was the complicated clips and straps and pressure on your back with the old basic carrier we had. With this my niece at the age of one now it is still so easy to carry her in this, she feels secure and most importantly you are comfortable. I cannot wait to use mine for my baby on the way and my husband to give it a go :-)



Bought our noonoo pie wrap yesterday and what a relief. Our 6 week can now be close to mom and dad while we get work done in and around the house. We've even had an afternoon out without the stroller. Definitely one for convenience yet still having your little one close to you. Our baby boy loves it so far.



We absolutely love this! Has been a life saver for when I need an extra hand or when my LO is super fussy, my LO feels so safe and comfortable she usually falls asleep with in the first 5 min. Super comfortable and so easy to use. Plus bonus points, if you need to breastfeed whilst wearing it, move both your LO legs to one side making a sling type holder and bam you have an easier way to feed with a built in cover!

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