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My first nappy


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Huggies My First Nappy has fastened anywhere tabs to help provide a perfect fit and a wetness indicator to show when it's time to change, allowing you to relax and cherish the new world of firsts with your baby. Huggies My First Nappy also has a special runny poo pocket at the back of the nappy, to help prevent little accidents. The umbilical cord cut-out allows you to care for this sensitive area and our soft absorb liner absorbs runny poo in seconds. Up to 4kgs.

Age Groups:
0-3 Months

Recent Review



These are perfect for newborns! In every way. Fits nicely and holds moisture and those explosive occasions.



Was given a pack of this in the hospital and absolutely loved it. I wish Huggies would continue with the little line that indicates a wet/poop nappy in all sizes, I really liked that in this nappy.



Don't know what I would've done after giving birth to a 2.6kg baby without these diapers. These were the ONLY ones fitting. I still have one in her memory box ☺️. Also the indicator that shows when the nappy need to be changed is so bomb! Specially being a first time mom haha.



The wetness indicator to show when it's time to change is absolutely one of the things i like, the softness of the nappy i love. Wish they had this range in all sizes. All my kids are Huggies babies but this range is the best of the best.



I don’t know what we NICU mommy’s would do without huggies. Huggies little snugglers preemies are an absolute lifesaver. The last thing a mom who’s is going through soo much needs worry about

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