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My first Lego Duplo sets


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LEGO Duplo is about building stories with your little one. Letting their imaginations run wild and allowing them to be free. There’s no restrictions and rules on how you play.

Age Groups:
2-3 years
4-5 years

Recent Review



I have had this Lego with my first child and all my other 3 used them as well,that is how durable these toys are.i will.recommend for any more because it's good for fine motor skill



My son still plays with Lego blocks and he is already almost 5! Such great educational and stimulating toys



I love all duplo for the young ones, it helps stimulate them and they can express their creativity. It also keeps them busy for a while.



great toy for kids to clean while playing



I got one of these for my daughter's first birthday gifts. It is extremely fun and educational. My older daughter even ended up playing with it! This is a great gift because it stimulates the child's motor skills and thought process. Who can ever go wrong with a Lego product?!

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