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My first Lego Duplo sets


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LEGO Duplo is about building stories with your little one. Letting their imaginations run wild and allowing them to be free. There’s no restrictions and rules on how you play.

Age Groups:
2-3 years
4-5 years

I had Lego Duplo as a kid and I loved it. They have become more educational, fun, and visually attractive in my opinion. This is a great product to aid the holistic development of the little ones. It promotes creative and critical thinking, supports the development of fine motor skills and are just so much fun.

Posted 2 weeks ago

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We encouraged lego building with my son early because we are serious childhood lego fans. My son is now turning 6 and his duplo sets have survived him and have now been passed to my nursery school toddler class. The duplo lego is a all time fav with the toddlers, and they survive some serious rough play. These blocks are great quality, they are durable and adored by children. Our Grade R class often ask if they can also play with the duplo blocks.

Posted 7 months ago

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