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Leather backpack


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A lightweight, classic JeanKelly backpack crafted in stunning natural leather. Made for the active mom or dad, the inside features include a water-resistant canvas lining, 5 inner pockets and an inner zipped pocket for your personal items. The outside has 2 side pockets, a secure zipped back pocket for your cell phone, keys etc and a quick grab handle on the top.

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I had one for my daughter and my husband loved using it, its so modern but unfortunately it was stolen but if I still had it I would have been using it dor myself now!



What a gem of a find!! Such impeccable quality and looks so so beautiful



So I don’t have this specific Jean Kelly baby bag but I have to say that the quality of Jean Kelly is amazing. The space inside the bag is sufficient for everything a new Mom needs on-the-go. It’s also so stylish! Which was a big plus for me! I also found that the service was so great too.



leather, unisex, backpack! It's mom AND dad friendly too. It has ample space for all your essentials in various sized compartments. I absolutely love this bag and knowing I will be using it for many many years to come makes it such a great buy. It also easily transitions with the different phases of your child. I love it!!



LOVE!! I got the JeanKelly Leather Nappy bag when I was pregnant with our first son in 2017, as a present from Hubby. Absolutely love it and cannot imagine motherhood without it. I love it so much that I have convinced my sister to also get one, and now she is also a JeanKelly fan!! Would really recommend it to all mommy's out there. It has ample space, very durable, and *gorgeous*

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