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With its exceptional design innovation, the gb Pockit is the 2014 Guinness World Records™ most compact stroller. When folded, it is the smallest and most compact buggy currently available on the market – 30 x 18 x 35 cm to be precise. The cleverly-designed, compact fold uses the 2×2D technique, meaning that in only two steps the buggy becomes a compact and feather-light handbag-shaped package (4.8 kg), great for when you are on the move and easy to stow when you’re not.

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This is a fantastic stroller. It is so small when folded that it can go anywhere in the car. I find it very convenient when I go shopping. My son sits in it until we reach the grocery store and then he along with the stroller goes into the shopping cart and there is still enough room for my groceries. It is definitely a keeper. The only criticism that I can give is that it is not great for rough terrain as it has small wheels. Definitely one of my most used baby items.



awesome for traveling and walks on the beach...any summer day a baby would enjoy this...love the clr too it can go for a girl or boy♥



I have the updated version of this stroller. The only difference is that the updated version. Has a canopy shape for shading instead of the original flat shape used to shade baby. This stroller is amazing and so compact. It takes up such a minimal amount of boot space and when baby is fussy in the mall it's easy enough to fold up and place in its awesome travel bag and in a trolley. Wait, did I mention it's the best stroller when flying. Absolutely love the GB Pocket+ it's a must have item.



Perfect for traveling. Easy to use and doesn't take up much space.



I absolutely love my GB pockit +, works well, takes up so little space and my kid loves it.



Really easy to use and compact but not very steady and baby seems bit uncomfortable and my toddler keeps pushing his whole body forward so have to hold the stroller tight if I use it with him.



So compact and easy to travel with. Just not suitable for a newborn sadly.



Definitely compact and handy, although baby doesn't always seem so comfortable in it. Not ideal for proper rest as it doesn't recline fully. Not for use on the street - best for shopping centres and airports. It does, however, have the sun canopy, which is nice, and a small storage space underneath. I do think it's a little overpriced.



This was a game changer for us!! Super compact and easy to cart around. From when my son James was sitting with ease, we switched from the big expensive travel system (a bit of a waste of money) to the GB Pockit+ We've never looked back, and now hardly ever use the travel system which is bulky and heavy. Lightweight to get in and out of the car, a dream to fly with. We keep it in the car for when we are out and we see that James is getting tired. He naps in it with ease (as the + has a back which reclines). My only negative is the fact that when upright, James seems a bit slumped and not very comfortable (not that he has ever complained). A handy little contraption, so much so that I now advise my mom friends to rather pay less for the bigger travel systems so that they can invest in a nice GB stroller for when babe is a bit bigger! One of our best purchases by far!

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