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The PURITY story began all the way back in 1953. Capetonian Don Thompson noticed how hard South African mothers had to work to provide delicious meals for their little ones. Don had a wide knowledge of the food canning industry and was aware of not only the convenience of sealed foods, but their nutritional value. He teamed up with his wife Ruth, a dietician, and his cousin Helen, a chemist, to develop a range of convenient sealed baby food that not only tasted great, but also locked in all the essential nutrients young bodies need to grow up healthy and happy. When PURITY first started, we were producing 10 varieties of baby food in a factory in Cape Town's colourful District Six. Over 64 years later, PURITY now offers over 160 variants across a comprehensive range of baby and mother products, all specially developed to meet the nutritional and care needs of mothers, babies and toddlers. Each PURITY product is created under the guidance of a team of experts, including Pharmacists, Paediatricians, Dermatologists and Dieticians.

Age Groups:
6-9 Months
9-12 Months

The purity sachet purees are convenient for quick snacks, and although they are not as cheap as some competing brands, they are still quite affordable. But I have two main reasons for not giving them a very good rating: 1. The flavour of some of the fruit/veggie options tastes watered down. I've tasted it myself when my toddler wasn't enjoying it, and I could tell why he wasn't interested. 2. There is just SO much plastic packaging involved in this product, and I don't feel good about adding it into the landfill. I just feel like the convenience of the twist-top lid and the ability to squeeze the food out doesn't justify the impact that it has on the environment.

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