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Fisher- Price® Laugh & Learn First Words Puppy


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The Laugh & Learn® First Words Smart Puppy teaches your little one first words with fun songs, sounds, phrases, and exciting hands-on activities! When babies place each block on Puppy's "magical" reader, they'll hear sounds, phrases and more that introduce new words and objects from the big world around them.  Level 1: Explore – As babies explore all around, pressing buttons and placing blocks on the reader, they'll hear songs, phrases and more that help build important connections that lead to first words. Level 2: Encourage – In this level, Puppy helps expand on little ones' vocabulary as they're prompted to find different numbers & shapes – with rewards when they do! Level 3: Pretend – This level lets your (little) big kid put those first words to use! As they place each block on the reader, they can imagine that they're off on different adventures with fun songs from Puppy!

Age Groups:
6-9 Months
9-12 Months
2-3 years

Recent Review



Awesome gift to give 🎁



I would definitely recommend this as my 5 month old daughter loves her Laugh and Learn First Words Puppy. At this stage, she enjoys looking at the colourful heart as it lights up and attentively listens to the songs. I am confident this toy will bring her much more development as well as entertainment as she grows.



To the person who decided to make this I give a very big thanks. It helped my daughter so much and she loved it so much! She use to cuddle with it all nighy it made her feel safe and she could play with it well it helped her learn. This is an amazing toy and a great gift as welk. There is no doubt in my mind that I will go and buy more soon. They are just amazing and know my babies would love them.



Fantastic fr all ages. Keeps children engaged without screen time.



We were not gifted this but we actually bought it for our son. The best gift we could have given him or we could recommend. Helps/helped him develop and the songs have him hooked, even after 3 years

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