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Equestria Girls


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Hasbro’s newest set of friends will have your little one squealing with excitement! The much anticipated Equestria Girls each with a stylish look, colourful hair and sculpted outfits are fashion forward and ready to take your child on even more exciting adventures. If the Equestria Girls look familiar, it may be because there is a magical mirror that connects the world of My Little Pony to Canterlot High. When Twilight Sparkle steps through the mirror, she discovers another world of friendship lessons where almost every pony she knows from Equestria has turned to teenage humans, walking the halls on two feet instead of hooves.

Recent Review


Stacey kim

My daughter is now 6 and loves these. So cute and colourful and keeps her entertained for hours



These dolls are great. smaller than Barbies but same size as enchantimals. Its another collection of dolls but if your girls are into MLP then they are great

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