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Health and Wellness

Omega-3 and Omega-6 are essential fatty acids that are vital for good health. Since your body is unable to produce some of these essential fatty acids, they must be obtained through your diet.

Equazen is a unique composition with a scientifically proven ratio of EPA:DHA:GLA = 9:3:1, which has been proven to help improve cognitive functions in children who had learning difficulties. EPA, DHA and GLA all play an important role in brain development.

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Been giving it to my 5 year girl , she didn't want to swallow it ,had to force her ,but tried putting it in her yoghurt and cereals she has been taking although she always say I can smell it. Her father also takes and mix it will cereals.

Posted 14 minutes ago

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My 11 year old is "OK" with this. Does not like the oily fishy after taste though but she pushes through. I see a slight change in focus and the biggest one yet is; it's aiding our sleep routines! My 4 year old is also OK with the product. No complaints from her either! My 7 year old - complete fussy medicine child - is an absolute solid- HELL NO! The smell and feel of the product is off putting for her. She will not attempt it at all! Andrea 🪷

Posted 1 week ago

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