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Enchantimals are a group of lovable girls who have a special bond with their animal friends, and even share some of the same characteristics. Together, they live in a fantastical world where fun and adventure are right around every corner!

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My 5 year old daughter loves these ! She can spend hours sitting with them in her room playing . The characters and their little pet friends are super adorable . Any little girl with a creative imagination and fantasy will love these .



My Kari loves these so much, they are basically strewn ALL OVER MY HOUSE. Each character comes with a little animal/pet/friend.. Jo is a fan of the little pet, so all in all it works well for me two.



I gifted one to my cousin who is 5 years old.. And she loved it! It's perfect for ages 5 and up as my 4 year old cousin didn't really take much interest in it.. Definitely a girls best friend.



Would love this for my daughter, as she loves enchantimals, would look good with her collection

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