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Disposable Diapers


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Clicks Disposable Nappies are made super absorbent for wear during the day or night. The nappies come with elasticated leg cuffs to help prevent leaks and stretchy velcro tape fasteners. With soothing aloe vera.

Age Groups:
0-3 Months
3-6 Months
6-9 Months
9-12 Months
2-3 years

Recent Review



These nappies work well during the day but tend to leak during the night. Sometimes even during the day if left for long hours. Also I have seen that the more it fills up, the more moist the baby 's bums become, and not as dry as it ideally should be. They also don't fill up evenly, more wetness tends to be in the front, even leading to possible leaks if not changed. During all this the nappy can be totally dry towards the back. These are good for mommies that do not mind frequent nappy changes than normal. The positive part is that babies / toddlers with normal skin, will be able to use these without any irritations.



I really liked the Clicks brand nappies. They will definitely be my go-to nappies if I can't get my regular nappies..



At first I really liked this diaper as it fits nice and is affordable, but when I got to my second pack I found a bad batch and could only use about 12 out of the pack. As they either had no sticky or only on one side. I found that it does not keep my babies bum as dry, and my baby started a rash that I am still struggling with.



Very nice nappy, used it with all my kids, affordable, and good quality. Give it a try if you haven't.



Clicks nappies are the best, am currently using them for my son, they are not leaking fit him perfectly.

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