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African Baby

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African Baby Carriers are made using Denim and Hemp materials for their superior durability, fabrics that respond to climate by being cool in Summer and warm in Winter, with their design providing strong support for the correct development of the child’s spine and hips.

Age Groups:
0-3 Months
3-6 Months
6-9 Months
9-12 Months
2-3 years

Recent Review



I got this and my abby wasn't happy. I then bought the Noola Closer2you carrier and its the best! One carrier for all stages! excellent quality.



We bought the Deluxe African Baby Carrier for our 14-month old son and I'm just sorry we didn't buy it sooner. Easy to use, folds up small, good quality and comfortable to wear. Will definitely be using it for any future babies. We tried a wrap which didn't work for us, so I'm so glad I stumbled on the ABC. And it's locally made! Lekker!



We've used our African Baby Carrier since our first was 3 months old. We bought the extended version which works for children up to 4 years. It is comfortable, lightweight and was recommended by my lactation consultant. We absolutely love it.



Great for older toddlers as you can back carry. Its light weight & easy to clean and put away after use



The original African Babier Carrier was the first ergonomic carrier I bought, once I realized that the narrow-based carrier I was using was not very comfortable for me or my son. It changed my mom-life! Suddenly my son would fall asleep without too much effort, and once he nodded off I could get about my day hands-free, but with baba safely against me. Unfortunately my boy grew chubby and tall, and this carrier was no longer big enough to support his legs nicely, or comfortable enough for me with his increased weight, so when he was about ten months old I upgraded to a more supportive, higher quality soft-structured carrier. The ABC was great and I'll always have a soft spot for it! It is affordable and designed well. But the cheaper price does, understandably, come with downsides - mostly that the waistbelt and shoulder straps are not padded enough for mom to be comfortable carrying a heavier baby. The hood is also a bit of an awkward design, and as a small-framed woman, I wish that the shoulder straps could be made significantly shorter for more comfortable back carrying. But overall it is comfortable for carrying younger babies, both in cooler and in hotter weather.

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