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Baby Wrap Carrier


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The Baby Wrap Carrier is made of a light 100% cotton fabric, more suited to warmer climates, with an added extra support layer to ensure a snug fit for your baby.

Age Groups:
0-3 Months
3-6 Months
6-9 Months
9-12 Months

Recent Review



I have used this wrap for both of my boys. The material is nice & heavy, and it doesn't stretch out (as I've experienced with other wraps that have a thinner material). My baby feels very secure when he's in it.



I found it really tricky to get this wrap tight enough to support baby enough that I could make my hands free. My little boy also was not fond of the idea of being wrapped up and close to me, he kept pushing away so I definately think this baby wrap carrier is also dependent on how your baby feels. I think he could also sense my stress of hoping he doesnt fall out.



I love it! A great product that maintains the bonding and connection between mom and child while mommy get other thing's done. Strong material that lasts



Started using a baby wrap with my second born, at the beginning it was little confusing and one was not sure how to use it. Its been 3 months and i am pro now and my boy loves it. I wish that baby sense had a youtube videos to show mommies how to utilize the carrier as the baby grow at different stages.



Lovely to use during the first couple of months with a newborn- 3 months. At first it may seem abit daunting to use but after using tutorials off you tube it helped alot. Baby says snug againest your body while you can get things done.

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