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Baby wash and shampoo

Pure Beginnings

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Mild all-in-one baby wash and shampoo that has ultra-mild surfactants – plant-based surfactants (Decyl Glucoside and Cocamidopropyl Betaine) are very gentle, won’t strip the skin of natural oils, leaving it clean but not dry, inflamed or irritated.

  • Organic baobab fruit extract – high in vitamin C and antioxidants, helps soothe and moisturise.
  • Organic lavender oil – has natural soothing and antiseptic properties.
  • Organic rose geranium oil – balances skin, boosts and improves skin elasticity, and calms irritated skin.

Age Groups:
0-3 Months
3-6 Months
6-9 Months
9-12 Months
2-3 years
4-5 years
6-7 years
8+ years

In my honest opinion; one cannot go wrong with anything from Pure beginnings. The smell is amazing, the product works as it should and the sensitive skinned little ones are at no risk of rashes or reactions. This lathers beautifully and gets the squeaky clean.

Posted 5 months ago

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Absolutely love the pure beginnings bath wash range. I love that I can use it on my baby as well as my toddler and the scents and flavors are so unique and natural! The best part is that it’s way more natural and does not include so many chemicals ! My boys love the packaging too

Posted 8 months ago

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