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Introducing Baby Tastes baby food, a range of super easy, wonderfully nutritious, healthy baby food and children’s meals that are ideal for babies, tots and mums. When the time comes to introduce your baby to solids it can seem daunting and overwhelming. Baby Tastes baby food is the ideal companion with as we have carefully designed our ranges for every step of the way.Current recommendations suggest that breast milk or formula should be a baby’s main source of nutrition until at least 6 months of age; however you can introduce solids any time between 4 and 6 months if your baby is ready and if advised by your pediatric sister or pediatrician.

Age Groups:
6-9 Months
9-12 Months

Recent Review



Oh where do I start. Umatie is a company that I adore. I don't have to stress about making my own purees for my baby. So yummy and yes the delivery is unbelievably fast. So impressed. Supporting local is also a extra bonus.


leigh anne

I love umatie foods for baby and the whole family. Healthy goodness in one package. Defnitely a thumbs up from us.



Healthy easy food option & so accessible. My boy enjoyed the meals and they have a great variety to choose from.



Love Umatie - Super convenient and the right portion for my toddler. Only tried it this year, but helps for when you're travelling or just out of ideas for good meals for a toddler. My son already has his favourites, so that helps when ordering. Will definitely try the smaller ones with the next kid.



My son is 5 months old and decided to wean himself from my breast and breastmilk altogether. It did also seem that he was not getting enough from breast or bottle feeds as he increased his feeds. It was time for something solid and I looked to Umatie for the second time seeing that it was so well received by my daughter. I specifically love this product because it is accessible (local Spar), it is locally made in Cape Town, it contains no preservatives, salt or additives and my little one is thriving and happy.

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