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Bath support


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The Angelcare Bath Support takes the worry out of bath time. Designed for comfort and safety, the bath support is mildew free and hygienic. The maximum recommended weight capacity is 14kilos (30lbs).

Age Groups:
0-3 Months

Recent Review



Used this on both my kids, for a Momma who gives birth to small babies this was a life saver and made bath time extremely easy and interactive, I love love it. Also the quality is awesome 👌



it looks like something nice and different i am a newly mom which i lost my baby this year gave birth last year and i am pregnanat this year i would love to buy my baby a support bath



My daughter at the age of 4 still loves her Angelcare bath support. As a tiny baby I was a bit weary of the bath support as I felt like she could move around to much on it, but from about 4 months, I felt alot more comfortable, She still to this day will ask for the Angelcare bath when its time to wash her hair!

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